Due Process – When Does this Apply?

Due Process 


  1. fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially as a citizen’s entitlement

“Fair treatment” – when was this shown to the hundreds of victims?

“Normal Judicial System” – Why were we told to be silent and not go to authorities for the judicial system to decide the punishment of our abusers?

“Especially as a citizen’s entitlement”. Much less as a Sheep being led by a Shepherd. Or more to the point, as the President of the Seminary and prior President of the SBC.

Where was “due process” for the treatment of Dr. Sheri Klouda? How about the many female employees of the seminary that found themselves ousted? How about Megan Lively? What about me, my perpetrator, Darrell Gilyard had abused at least 50 before he got to me and Paige had covered EVERY SINGLE one and promoted him simultaneously. Paige does not deserve the title, he made the choices.

However, Paige Patterson is now being protected and people are rallying behind him. The man who has talked about women in a demeaning way, shamed women, silenced women, and most damagingly has hidden predatory abusers while shunning the victims. The most shameful of behaviors of a “leader”. A failure as a Shepherd. Yet, now, millionaire donors are rallying behind him, threatening the seminary that they will withold funds and possibly seek the investigative powers of the Attorney General of Texas, General Ken Paxton.  As stated in the recent article in The Washington Post, “The seven-page letter also threatens that the school could lose its accreditation and face investigation by the Texas attorney general’s office because, the letter writers claim, the trustees violated school bylaws by convening the meeting at which they fired Patterson without giving him proper notice.”

Folks, Paige Patterson has been given decades of “proper notice” and he chose to overlook it and continue the very deeds that got him fired. Paige Patterson became, in his own eyes, “invincible” and unquestionable. This is how you, millionaire donors, want a Seminary to be run? This is the corruption you choose as your leader?

I am curious as to how you would respond if one of us, the victims, were one of your beloved. Would you stand up and fight for us? Would you demand justice for the victims and firing and charges for the perpetrator? Or would you require “due process” for the decision maker who covered up the previous crimes that allowed the perpetrator to continue to move within the churches and continue to abuse before finding your beloved? I seriously doubt you’d be that gracious if faced with this reality. Yet, we have lived with this for years, some decades, as a result of this man.

Please understand that should you continue to pursue a reversal of this decision, you will learn more than you ever wish to know about the man whom you are defending. I believe a stronger force of voices from all of these decades will find the courage to tell our stories. The stories are not pretty, and we are deeply wounded. You will be appalled. However, I know I speak for many when I say, Paige Patterson may have silenced us for a while when he “broke us down”, but we are stronger now. We know that Father loves us and we also know that Paige does not represent our Shepherd, he greatly failed us. We have forgiven and we have grace, but we will not stand silent and allow this poor influence to continue to cover abuse. We will not give abusers power, and we will hold leaders accountable. We desire a strong message that strips his title and involvement and sends a concrete message to all of those who may be abused in the future, it will not be tolerated and we will not be silenced.

God is bigger. He doesn’t need your money and His plans will still succeed.

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